Guiding Cardiac Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Ethics Shapes Our Health System Response.
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2020 Jun 04
4 months ago
Journal Article
2020-08 / 36 : 1313-1316
Virani A 1, Singh G 2, Bewick D 3, Chow CM 4, Clarke B 5, Cowan S 6, Fordyce CB 6, Fournier A 7, Gin K 6, Gupta A 8, Hardiman S 9, Jackson S 10, Lamarche Y 11, Lau B 6, Légaré JF 3, Leong-Poi H 4, Mansour S 12, Marelli A 13, Quraishi A 10, Roifman I 14, Ruel M 15, John Sapp 10, Small G 15, Turgeon R 16, Wood DA 6, Zieroth S 17, Virani S 6, Krahn AD 6
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Cardiology Service, Hospital
Cardiovascular Diseases
Coronavirus Infections
Ethics, Institutional
Infection Control
Models, Organizational
Organizational Innovation
Patient Care Management
Pneumonia, Viral
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised ethical questions for the cardiovascular leader and practitioner. Attention has been redirected from a system that focuses on individual patient benefit toward one that focuses on protecting society as a whole. Challenging resource allocation questions highlight the need for a clearly articulated ethics framework that integrates principled decision making into how different cardiovascular care services are prioritized. A practical application of the principles of harm minimisation, fairness, proportionality, respect, reciprocity, flexibility, and procedural justice is provided, and a model for prioritisation of the restoration of cardiovascular services is outlined. The prioritisation model may be used to determine how and when cardiovascular services should be continued or restored. There should be a focus on an iterative and responsive approach to broader health care system needs, such as other disease groups and local outbreaks.
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